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Instructions posted by Steve Horsley to golang-nuts.

Copy the standard filetype_extensions.conf to your local config:

cp /usr/share/geany/filetype_extensions.conf ~/.config/geany

Add the extension recognition to ~/.config/geany/filetype_extensions.conf by adding this line:


Copy the C definition filetypes.c to filedefs/filetypes.Go.conf:

cp /usr/share/geany/filetypes.c ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.Go.conf

Edit filetypes.Go.conf and change the setting and keywords sections to this:

# default extension used when saving files

# all items must be in one line
primary=break case chan const continue default defer else fallthrough for func go goto if import interface map package range return select struct switch type var
secondary=byte int int8 int16 int32 int64 uint uint8 uint16 uint32 uint64 float32 float64 complex64 complex128 uintptr string