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Go Talks and Videos

Talks, lectures and other presentations about Go programming.

Official Talks

Talks by the core Go designers and developers.

Let’s Go Further: Build Concurrent Software using the Go Programming Language

By Sameer Ajmani

Writing Web Apps in Go (Google I/O 2011)

By Andrew Gerrand and Rob Pike.

Real World Go (Google I/O 2011)

Where did Go’s concurrency model come from?

Rob Pike speaking about the origins of the Go concurrency style at OSCON’s Emerging Languages Camp, on 21 of July 2010.

Another Go at Language Design

Rob Pike speaking at the University of Sydney on Friday 17, September 2010.

Public Static Void

Rob Pike’s keynote at OSCON. July 2010.

Go Programming at Google I/O 2010

Russ Cox and Rob Pike give an introduction to Go.

Another Go at Language Design

Rob Pike speaking at Stanford University. April 2010.

Practical Go Programming at FOSDEM 2011

By Andrew Gerrand.

The Go Programming Language

By Rob Pike


Unofficial Talks

Presentations about Go by others.

Concurrency in Go (or, Erlang done right)

A look at Go’s concurrency primitives including message passing and shared memory. By Dmitry Vyukov of Google.

Google Go!

Martin Aigner and Alexander Baumgartner at the Seminar aus Informatik, Department of Computer Science University of Salzburg. May 28, 2010


FOSDEM 2011 Interviews

Interview with Andrew Gerrand of the Go team that is presenting Practical Go Programming at FOSDEM 2011..


Coding By Numbers - Episode 20

Audio interview with Andrew Gerrand about Go.

Rob Pike: Geek of the Week

Interview with Rob Pike about the design of Go and other topics.

Intel’s Parallel Programming Talk #60 - Russ Cox about the Google Go programming language

Russ was interviewed in the Parallel Programming Talk show on Intel Software Network TV.

The Changelog Episode 0.0.3 - Google’s Go Programming Language

An interview with Rob Pike for The Changelog podcast.

Inform IT Interview

Danny Kalev of email interview with Rob Pike.